July 26, 2021
Writing techniques

The basic concept of writing for a blogger

Creating a blog is very easy, but to manage a blog that needed the concept of good writing.

Writing techniques on blogs are very different from writing on print media, such as magazines or newspapers.

Time is very important for Internet users, so they won’t waste time reading long texts.

Here are some of the concepts of writing on a blog, including:

  1. Make the sentence structure as simple as possible, concise but to the point.
  2. Highlight or highlight important words or phrases.
  3. Avoid using meaningless expressions.
  4. Use sub headings for a long paragraph.

The four points above, at least, must be maintained in writing articles on blogs so that they are interesting and easy to understand.

Little and simple about the basic concepts of writing on a blog , hopefully it will be useful and successful for all of you.


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