July 21, 2021
Onpage SEO

The Importance of Onpage SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Angine Optimization) is an effort made to increase the position of a web in search results on search engines.

Onpage SEO is an SEO technique that is important in determining the quality of a website , and it should be something that must be considered.

To optimize onpage SEO, try to pay attention to the following things.

Website Templates
Choose a lightweight and responsive website template . A lightweight and fast website template can make visitors feel at home for a long time visiting your website. Responsive design and quality of website appearance are also important in an effort to pamper visitors so that they can be accessed through various browsers .

Anchor text
Anchor text is a piece of text containing a clickable link. Placing anchor text or text links is one of the Onpage SEO optimization factors that should not be ignored.

Title Choosing the title on the article website should not be careless, you should always research first the main title for an article.

Tag Heading
Tag Heading is an indicator to emphasize a discussion in an article so that it is easily recognized by search engine algorithms. The heading tag consists of several parts but the most important ones are H1, H2, H3 and H4.

H1 is a place for the main keyword which is usually in 100 words in the first sentence of an article. Or you can also place each Heading Tag with the main keyword so that the shot is targeted.

Meta Tag
Optimization onpage SEO is not only on the quality of the article, but the placement of the meta tag technique sometimes determines the final result. Here, there is a recommendation that an article has a meta tag description, title and keywords to choose from.

A little explanation about the Importance of Onpage SEO Optimization this time, hopefully it’s useful, and greetings of success are always to all of you.

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